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About the National Renters Alliance

The National Renters Alliance was established to help renters with tenancy problems caused by unscrupulous landlords and letting agents. This includes help recovering money unfairly taken from deposits, negotiating with landlords about housing repairs and other common renting problems.

With the intensification of the housing crisis which is decades in the making, more and more people are forced to rent rather than buy their own homes. This situation is set to get worse as new house building has massively failed to keep pace with increases in the UK's population and the movement of young people to large cities. The expansion of buy-to-let landlords and rampant property speculation has pushed house prices beyond the reach of most people under the age of thirty-five. This situation is increasingly being exploited by bad landlords and letting agents who often invent spurious reasons to take money from deposits or avoid their repairing responsibilities.

The National Renters Alliance is here to help you, whether it be getting your deposit back if it was unfairly taken from you, to forcing landlords and letting agents to do repairs which they are eligible for which you pay them to do through your rent. If you are renting, join us today and see how the National Renters Alliance can help you to take the stress out of renting.

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Last winter I had really bad damp problems in my flat in Bristol which I complained about. The letting agent did nothing about it so I contacted the NRA who brought in local Environmental Health who found that a burst water pipe was the cause and sent an improvement notice to my landlord and the agency. The agency weren't pleased about this and tried to put pressure on me trying to give me a bad reference as a parting gift but the NRA stopped that too. Great work guys!

Jane Powell, Bristol

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